TKT Tips: how to get Band 4

Marina Morozova-Yesipenko, Kyiv

This webinar is aimed at those designing exam preparation courses for Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), Modules 1 - 3 as well as those profeccionals who are ambitious enough to opt for exam preparation and get the top score. The TKT Tips will give you useful lifehacks on best strategies, sources and books you can successfully implement in the process of preparation.

Marina - Delta, IHCYLT and Celta-certified teacher and teacher trainer. Occasionally presents at Conferences in different countries, which is more a matter of relating, sharing and discovering new horizons together with the colleagues. Marina has been in exam preparation for about 15 years, but currently is developing in two seemingly unrelated domains - YL and EAP. In addition, Marina publicly preaches Lexical Approach and the related concepts and supports learner autonomy and Multiple Intelligences theory. She is truly convinced that teaching is not only a profession but a vibrant and overwhelming lifestyle.