ACD-UN online conference

The New Normal for Higher Education Across Asia: Post-COVID World and How Universities in Asia Respond

High-quality education is only part of the story. What will the new reality of higher education look like for students and faculty across Asia and beyond? Asian higher education is facing unprecedented challenges, and in order to reap the benefits of a growing world economy, it is important to move beyond the individualized goals of teaching and research and tackle the fundamental questions of quality, transparency and sustainability.


  1. Pornchai Danvivathana - Secretary-General, Asia Cooperation Dialogue
  2. Kiyoshi Yamada - Chancellor, Tokai University; Chair, ACD University Network
  3. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit - President, Siam University; Executive Director, ACD University Network
  4. Dato Ansary Ahmed - President, Asia e University, Malaysia
  5. Sabur Khan - Chairman, Daffodil University, Bangladesh
  6. Sukhdev Sethi, Director, Stella Wealth, Australia


  1. Bundit Limschoon - Former ACD Secretary General
  2. Kanjana Mahatanatvee - Dean, School of Science, Siam University
  3. Yhing Sawheny - Assistant to the President, Siam University

Agenda: click to download