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Englishmannia 3rd online conference for English teachers!

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  1. Artem Morozov 'How to fail YLE writing in 2020In this session we will talk about the criteria used by Cambridge examiners to assess the writing part of the most popular test for young learners
  2. Iuliia Kumicheva 'Strategies for hacking listening and reading tasks.'
    During this talk we will have a look at practical ways to teach learners strategies for tackling exam tasks testing receptive skills: reading and listening. We will discuss if it is possible to make our students more effective readers and listeners, and will also talk about different ways we can interact with the tasks and reading and listening texts. The main focus will be on Main Suite Cambridge exams (KET-CPE), but principles we are going to talk about are applicable to other exams, and developing receptive skills in general.
  3. Tatiana Odintsova 'A way to fluent speaking in the Russian State Exam.'
  4. Ekaterina Balaganskaya 'Practical Activities for Developing Writing Skills of Young Learners in the Context of Cambridge English YL Exams Preparation (levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers)'
  5. Sarah Thomprosn 'How to adapt course books for YLE speaking'
  6. Anna Bezrukova 'Challenges of teaching writing at advanced level and ways to address them'
  7. Olesya Zvereva-Nesterenko 'IELTS vocabulary hacks'



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