North America Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Next Webcast: Sat. 3rd Aug, 8:30am EST / 5:30am PST - National Meditation - North America - Online Meditation
"But you must also understand that you can do a lot: you start meditating on a particular subject which is a very bothersome subject, and which is for the destructive of humanity. Anything – you just put your attention to it and meditate. If you are that deep, that means if your caliber has improved to that extent, you will immediately put an effect on that. Immediately you will see there will be a change, there will be something happening in that direction. This is your power which you have to actually develop."
- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Online Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Join from anywhere for:
1) Uniting the North America collective - as Shri Mataji suggested in the first days of Cabella Ashram "meditating together prevents arguments and fights between yogis" - this was told by Robert Hunter to volunteers in Cabella where volunteers were all required to meditate together for this reason before starting the work.

2) Realizing our collective powers: "The hurricane approached Florida at the highest category. As the yogis live spread out over the state they had collective meditations via conference calls. After each meditation the force of the hurricane weakened significantly and reached Florida at last as low category hurricane.."

3) Solving world problems. When we come together as collective we have an ability to solve world problems with our collective desire and attention as it was described by Shri Mataji.